Have a Trailblazer in mind to nominate for the Birch Golf Classic? Enter info below and the BGC Board will review!

What is a Trailblazer?
Trailblazers are those special community members that we’re lucky to have in our PNW community (also since this is a golf tournament, they should golf). Good examples of Trailblazers include members of the business community, law enforcement, academic community, coaches, public servants, volunteers, business owners, CEO’s, professional athletes, musicians, celebrities’, etc..

What do Trailblazers do in the Birch Golf Classic?
Like in a Pro-Am where the Golf Pro is the 5th person with your 4-person golf team, the Community Trailblazer will play as your 5th golfer, making it a 5-person scramble.

In addition the Trailblazer is recognized for their good community service prior to the event and is invited to attend a private function the evening before the tournament.

Teams raise funds prior to the tournament, Trailblazers are paired with unique/hard-to-obtain prizes. Teams select their Trailblazer (5th golfer of their team) + Prize Combo in order of funds raised.

Dates to be in Bellingham-
• Wednesday, September 8, 6pm in Bellingham for pre-event kick-off
• Thursday, September 9th 8am at Bellingham Golf & Country Club for Golf Classic and 19th Hole Celebration

Discounted rooms available at Hotel Bellwether for all Trailblazers, Sponsors and traveling golf team members.

**Check Birch Golf Classic website regularly to see Team Fund raising. Trailblazer/Prize combos are selected by teams in order of funds raised and displayed on website.

(75% of Trailblazers have handicaps, it's not required but being a decent golfer helps!) If unknown, type N/A
Hotel Bellwether is kindly offering discounted room rates for Trailblazers Sept. 8th thru Sept. 12th.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Photos at work, golfing or at leisure that we can use to highlight. Upload as many photos as you want!