Jake Locker

Jake Locker is a co-director of this tourney and when he wasn’t looking, his board signed him up as a Trailblazer- Thanks Jake! You the best!

Ferndale native, Jake Locker grew up loving family, community and playing football and baseball.  This April, Sports illustrated published Greg Bishop’s article from an interview with Jake, where he capture’s beautifully Jake’s high school, college and NFL career and what has led him and his family back to Ferndale. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/04/18/jake-locker-nfl-2011-draft-tennessee-titans-why-he-quit

Cool facts:
An outstanding pitcher and outfielder, Jake was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in ’06 but went to UW to play football. At UW Jake met his wife-to-be softball standout Lauren Greer, who was an honorable-mention-All-Pac 10 performer and helped her team take the 2009 NCAA tournament championship.  Jake and Lauren live on their farm in Ferndale and have 3 awesome kids, Colbie (5), Cooper (3) and Colt (2). In addition to their active community support through their church and as board members of Engedi Refuge, Jake helps Jamie Plenkovich coach Ferndale High School Football. Together with Michael Koenen, Jake and Lauren own and run The Locker Room on Main Street in Ferndale; a state of the art fitness facility providing a holistic approach to health, wellness, high level fitness, workout plans and affordable child care to busy families. http://www.lockerroomfitness.com,

Of all the places you’ve lived and traveled to, why the Northwest, why this community?  I didn’t choose the Northwest in the beginning,’ Jake responds with a chuckle,  ‘But once you leave here, you realize how fortunate you are to grow up here. The people are special, they look out for each other and care for people in the community. And where can you live, hunt and enjoy the people and the outdoors like you can here?
Hobbies- Our kids, family, loving life, our cows, hunting, anything outdoors
What inspires you? Lauren and I are on the board for the Engedi Refuge because this organization represents a true measure of love, passion, challenges, and conviction on how we’re supporting loving one another and sharing the love of Christ with the world. I’m truly inspired by people willing to engage in challenging, messy situations for the benefit of helping people.

And the serious stuff…
Jake – You and your family are on a deserted tropical island and you get two choices-
If you could have an unlimited supply of any 2 foods—Watermelon & Rib eye Whoa- rapid fire answer there.
2 Drinks-Unlimited Supply—Is my island warm? Sure, yeah, it’s tropical, Slurpies.’  Slurpies? Of any drink in the world, your first pick is slurpies? Yep (laughs) Suicide flavor. Suicide? Yep, suicide, you know, all the flavors, all together in one. All of them. Wow- sounds really…good…Don’t knock it till you try it. Oh and water, let’s get some fresh water on there too.
How about people, You get 2, No limits, Anyone you can think of—Jesus Christ and Teddy Roosevelt. Those are two men I’d be willing to follow. Again, zero hesitation.
Music- 2 choices- Casting Crowns & Garth Brooks
2 Books- The Bible and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
2 Movies—Oh man, there are so many great movies in so many genres…. Let’s see, just two…Well, we’ll need something light because we’re on that island, Dumb and Dumber that’s a classic. And let’s see, something when I need to get pumped up—let’s do Braveheart.
Something about you that surprises people- I don’t know that this is necessarily a surprise to people. I mean, it’s hard to hide a talent like this, but when you’re at the level I’m at word just gets out. And what’s the talent? Karaoke. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty well known in the karaoke world. Quiet pause as had nothing to say here for a minute… I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard… there’s really not a song that I can’t handle masterfully. Obviously I need to get out more, what songs do you pull out of your back pocket. You know, when you really want to bring the house down? The standard in this neck of the woods, ‘Friends in low places by Garth Brooks.’ Obviously a classic that everyone knows and enjoys. When I really want to surprise them, ‘Mississippi Girl by Faith Hill. Really? Yep, That was always my go to pre-game song. Faith Hill nails it, and I can relate, small town girl, not changing regardless of circumstance, remembering where I came from…
 If you had all the time in the world what would you learn how to do? Play the guitar and learn to fly a plane
With everything you have going on, why this tourney? Because I believe in people truly coming together for their community—not because of the benefits they get, but because they actually care about people and that’s been the heart and soul and success of this tournament.