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Exposing Sex Trafficking:

Sex trafficking and prostitution devastate lives and enslave hundreds of thousands in the U.S. every year.  Force, fraud and coercion are used to trap and control people in a destructive and dehumanizing life-style that usually begins at 12 -14 years of age and often ends in homelessness and premature death.  Depression, anxiety, self-harm, and post-traumatic stress are common, with PTSD rates similar to those of State sponsored torture victims.  Over 90% of prostituted women admit that they want out of “the life” but lack a safe place to heal. Engedi exists to give them that place.

What is Engedi Refuge?

Engedi Refuge is a restorative program for women who have survived sex trafficking and prostitution.

Our purpose is to provide restoration and hope to those struggling to overcome the poverty, addictions, abuse, and complex trauma often associated with sex trafficking. This restorative process is delivered through: safe housing, trauma-focused therapy, comprehensive skills training, case management, and community reintegration assistance. We help women develop their self-worth and confidence as they engage higher education, independent living and employment. Our comprehensive program has three phases that can span 6 months to 3 years. Engedi provides for the basic physical needs of its residents while offering loving support, classroom instruction, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. Engedi Refuge is a core member of a Nation-wide alliance of victim-care providers and offers a fast referral process for local victims. Roughly 45% of Engedi residents come from neighboring counties in Washington State, and the balance from referring agencies around the country. Engedi is one of the largest residential care facilities, and has the highest success rate of any restoration program for sex trafficking survivors in the United States.

How You Can Help?

By supporting Engedi Refuge you are standing with survivors of trafficking and declaring they are not alone on this journey to healing and new life.  Join us in our dream of restoring lives!

Become a BUSINESS PARTNER; building a better community and creating employment opportunities.

Become a FAITHFUL 500 monthly donor, and help restore a precious life.

Contact Engedi Refuge at: P.O. Box 950, Lynden, WA  98264    ph: (360) 922-7600    web:  engedirefuge.com

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