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On April 19, 1950, Dale Shintaffer and his wife Elaine followed the family tradition of putting everything on the line in pursuit of a better future when they left good jobs with good futures and purchased a failing bottling company in Bellingham, Washington.

In a real way Dale and Elaine were pioneering just as their forefathers had. 1950 was a watershed year for business in Whatcom County, Washington State, the United States and the larger world. The nature of entrepreneurial capitalism was drawing to a close and the age of intensive regulation was dawning, the age of the computer was on the horizon, everyone knew someday computers would be an important business tool but few had access. Most important, the age of instant communication was born in that era as television began to totter through its infancy and towards the future it would impact so dramatically.

Like many of the early pioneers, Dale and Elaine set out on their journey with almost nothing to support themselves through the coming journey. As reported by Beer Wholesaler, “They were now the distributors of an undistinguished wine and equally nondescript beer….Their modest down payment had also purchased two broken-down trucks and an antique soft drink bottling operation.”


We at Sound Beverage pride ourselves on being local and putting our customers first. Our unprecedented customer service and dedicated employees have earned us our spot in the community as the leading Beer and Wine Wholesaler in our region. We value our employees and take pride in providing many families a spot to call home and excel while raising their families in this great community.

The Shintaffer’s, both through Sound Beverage and outside of the business, have been heavily involved in the community for many years. Sound Beverage has supported Western Washington University through scholarships, athletic support, event sponsorship, and community involvement for many years. Many of the Sound Beverage family are long standing members of local clubs including the local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, and others.

Thank you Sound Beverage for being being the long-standing Hole-In-One Sponsor of the Birch Golf Classic!