Specializing in multimedia-marketing solutions to expand growth and elevate brand awareness. 

Swell Media Solutions, a boutique marketing agency, was born out of the desire to help small businesses understand the ever-changing media landscape. We work with business owners across a variety of industries to drive growth and create on-brand content that’s consistent with our partners’ purpose and vision. 

Our team of designers, copywriters, and digital marketing specialists are trained in organic and paid social media management, digital advertising and mass media management. Jenn founded Swell Media Solutions out of the desire to build a team of professionals who are truly dedicated to the success of their clientele. Swell Media works closely with businesses to develop marketing strategies that elevate brand awareness and increase brand loyalty to optimize growth. Her motto is and always will be; “When you succeed, we succeed.”

“From environmental to social justice issues, to amazing ‘mom and pop’ shops that are exemplary employers and community members, I feel blessed to work with incredible business partners who demonstrate integrity and are truly committed to bettering our society. “

– Jennifer Irwin

Digital Marketing

Our team specializes in marketing and branding to help create continuity, strengthen brand identity, communicate purpose, establish trust, and build authority. 

Video Marketing &
Graphic Design

Branded graphic elements are essential components to video and digital marketing. From logos to website designs, Swell's team of designers are trained to ensure brand continuity across online platforms, as well as traditional media like magazines and television. 

Audio Marketing

At Swell, we develop effective audio campaigns to help brands connect with their target audiences. Radio and streaming audio advertising is "theatre of the mind," allowing your followers to become emotionally engaged with your message.