We are a dynamic and responsive 40+ person CPA firm established in 1997; we have the expertise and specializations to help as your partner in business. VSH has become a leading firm in Northwest Washington due to our dedication to respecting clients, our traditional business approach and our highly experienced professional staff. We help you determine your ideal long-term financial plan to be profitable and advise you on all the decisions that go along with the vision.

We strive to implement advanced processes and technology to make it easy, efficient and more secure to do business with our clients.

What We Do:
Our team of advisers and professionals are dynamic, client-focused and diverse. We focus on you and your business to help you succeed.

– Full service guidance for businesses throughout their journey to reach their goals.
– Detailed look at the business from all angles and determine questions and solutions before they arise.
– Tax returns and financial statement preparation are just a small piece in the overall puzzle of services we provide.
– Our goal is to attract and retain clients who have a desire to grow and benefit from a broad approach to business support.

How We Help:
We partner with our clients to help them reach their goals by consistently inspiring innovation, asking the right questions and thinking differently about each client’s individual situation. While other firms look at the past, we keep client’s focused on their future. Life and business can be difficult at times and we help them pull the most important information to the surface to empower them to make sound decisions for their future. Here is how we do it.

Relationships are the basis of everything we do at VSH. Our clients aren’t numbers on a balance sheet. We get to know each client personally and communicate year- round to stay abreast of any changes they may be facing. This helps ensure more proactive advice and maximize the value and growth potential of their business to create peace of mind.

VSH serves each client through a team-based approach that includes staff, a manager and a partner. This approach allows for clear and consistent communication among those involved and provides specialized skills and industry knowledge to the client.

Our client’s calls and questions are very important to us and it is a standard in our firm to respond to calls and emails within 24 hours. We also ensure that our partners and managers are accessible to clients, providing clients peace of mind that they will always be taken care of.

Our clients’ needs drive our exploration of new services. We tune-in, respond and act as your business partner providing insight and roadmaps to serve you with new and emerging trends.

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